Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your supplier of choice.  We are committed to providing you the highest quality products and services, with competitive pricing, while remaining your 100% locally and family owned provider.  We truly appreciate your business and hope you will find the following information helpful as you budget and plan for the 2019 construction season.

  • Effective April 1, 2019 concrete prices will increase $3.00/yard. 

  • Our Concrete Dispatch is open from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays, however we are closed for Saturday service from November 1st until March 2nd. Please contact us for rates and minimums that may apply for special plant openings. 

  • A Seasonal Heat charge of $3.00 will be added for all concrete produced between November 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019. 

To help us better serve you, please be ready with the following information when placing an order:

Contact name, phone number, job address, desired time, quantity, truck spacing, type of mix, optional admixes, and placement method (pump/chute).   Orders for a given quantity and a balance (“11 yards plus” “30 and a clean-up”) will be scheduled for the ordered quantity PLUS one clean-up load.  Unscheduled loads will be delivered as equipment becomes available within the schedule.  Additional charges may apply for unscheduled clean-up loads.


So that we may better serve you, please keep us informed of any changes and remember that a Will Call is not “FIRM” until we have all the information needed to deliver the order.  Recognizing that there may be variables beyond your control, we will always try to accommodate your request by using the following guidelines:

  • CONFIRMED ORDERS are given scheduling priority.

  • WILL CALL ORDERS: Please confirm at least two hours prior to the order time to assure the time slot.  For orders of 100 CY, or more allow a minimum of four hours.  

    -Postponed or delayed orders will be rescheduled depending on equipment availability.

    -Confirmed orders that are cancelled within these time periods may be subject to cancellation charges.

  • WEATHER and INSPECTIONS:  Orders pending weather or inspections are considered WILL CALL orders. Orders pending a morning inspection can be scheduled for an available afternoon time slot.  Orders pending an afternoon inspection need to be placed before 3:00 PM for available AM time slots the next day.

  • Deliveries scheduled after 4:00 PM will be subject to additional after-hours charges.

We work hard to help your jobs go smoothly. Please contact our Sales staff with any questions and/or assistance needed with coordinating deliveries for unique orders or circumstances.

Thank you, we appreciate your business.